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August 27, 2018 14:01

3 steps to remove Herpes from your body

This protocol a groundbreaking natural program that is specially designed to help people remove herpes from their bodies. This solution claims to treat the herpes condition by using a unique combination of three ingredients. Herpes Blitz Protocol is backed by the latest scientific studies and is highly recommended by numerous doctors and nutritionists.

Josh Parker, the mastermind behind this solution, is himself an-ex Special Ops Combat Medic in the US Army who has had to deal with a lot of herpes cases. He realized that no conventional drugs available on the market can really treat the herpes virus, or prevent the disease from spreading to other people. He also uncovered the $4.8 billion drug market that is just a big scam and is ripping people off.

Thus, he decided to find a cure, so he relocated to Morocco. Moroccans are very resistant to herpes, and this is a fact that has intrigued many doctors and scientists over the years. He soon realized that the food Moroccans were eating was actually protecting them from the virus. It was even making them immune to the virus. After going back to the USA and working with a private lab to analyze the samples of Moroccan food, Parker unveiled the 3 basic ingredients that were protecting the human body from herpes: curcumin, quercetin and resveratrol.


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